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Nepal is the home of the eight most elevated mountains (out of 14) on the planet over 8,000 meters, including Mt. Everest, alongside north of 13,000 tops over 6,000 meters. In this manner why, an enormous number of travelers visit consistently, to see and investigate the charming Mountain regions, yet undiscovered regular glory and the main viewpoint is the deep-rooted social and strict legacies as well as the harmony cherishing, steadily grinning, and cordial individuals.

Tamang Randonnees Trek. Ltd is remarkable among all the others regarding encounters and its thoroughly prepared and experienced HR. Due to this, it has had the option to establish the track standard in the field of journeying and visits in the country. It is one of the all-around rumored, dependable, and approved journeying organizations in Nepal. The thoroughly prepared and permit holder individuals from this organization have been serving in the field of visits and traveling, undertaking, climbing, and other extensive variety of brave regions for the most recent 15-years, with the mix of care and genuineness. We are resolved to make your excursion the fondest once in our lifetime. We have the mastery in Nepal alone as well as in Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Our Features

  • We are an association of guide and porter.
  • 10% of profit goes for social welfare works from Sahayogi Foundation which was established in 2016.
  • We care about porters. Actually, porters are the backbone of trekking in Himalaya. So, we never force porter to carry luggages more than 15kg.

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